cropped-1417922_55836925.jpgIf you’re considering therapy I’d like to help you. Therapy exists to help people make changes that they cannot make on their own.

Sometimes we need another person to help us reflect on our experiences, create meaning, and ultimately shift our responses to the world around us. A relational therapist is someone whose job it is to act as that other person. I am trained to think carefully about what is going on for you, and to act in your best interests. I pay close attention to what has happened in your relationships with important people in your life, and the ways in which that history has shaped you. I also pay attention to the therapeutic relationship itself, as a place where patterns can come to be both understood and changed.

I believe that emotional and psychological growth occur in the context of meaningful relationships. Research has shown that a key factor for the success of  therapy is the personal connection that you develop with your therapist. I do not view therapy as a treatment that you undergo, but rather as a relationship that we build together.